The unlikely combination of an injured knee and the sight of Blues singer, Seasick Steve, playing guitar on Later... with Jools Holland, helped launch Simon on his musical career. 


“I noticed that he was sitting there playing a guitar that had three strings,” recalls Simon. “I remembered that I had my guitar in the attic from years ago and it only had three strings as well. I suddenly thought, ‘if he can do it, why can’t I?’ so after not picking it up for about five or six years, I decided to start to playing again.” 


Simon’s reintroduction proved to be a turning point. Rather than getting bored as he did when having lessons as a youngster, he soon found it much more enjoyable to teach himself and quickly became engrossed in his music.


Having been bitten by the musical bug, Simon went on to gain a first class honours degree in guitar performance at the Academy of Contemporary Music, and also formed his own band.


Simon went on to complete an online course in Music Composition for Film and Television with Berklee College of Music, and later, a Masters in Film and Television Composition at the University of Bristol, graduating with a distinction, during which he wrote music for an award-winning student short film, Demons, which was directed by Abdullah Al Maawali.


Since graduating, Simon’s music has been used in three BBC wildlife documentaries: Life in The Air, World’s Sneakiest Animals, and Animal Babies. He also produces a variety of artists from genres including rock, folk, rap, R&B, acoustic and electronica. Simon draws influence from these styles when writing for film, producing a modern, gritty sound. 


“Being able to tell a story through a film soundtrack is something 

I find really interesting, and I just love doing it”


Simon Pitt